Dear Visitor,


It was 1989 in Martigny, Switzerland when I first discovered the light of this world. 

I grew up in Fürstentum Liechtenstein and studied Art and Design teaching in Basel. Besides that I was composing a lot of music and playing concerts.

Now, after the studies, I’m following my dreams in music, art, design and digital media in Liechtenstein again. In life. 

By the way I completed a further education as a mental trainer and I’m currently learning audio engineering. So far about me.

Enjoy surfing through the website and discover the wide range of my creations. 


Thank you for the visit and have a blessed day! 




Of course assignments and personal requests are very welcome. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

My offers are:

  • Individual worked out drawings, paintings and sculptures/ helping to visualize your personal ideas
  • Professional workshops or single lessons in art, music or handcraft 
  • Competent photographic documentaries
  • Chilled out acoustic concerts where ever you wish
  • My creations for sell: Original Artwork, Craftwork and Prints



As the projects can strongly vary in location, time and material I would be thankful for your personal request.



Mr. Georgiev Nicolaj 
Tel: 0041 783 73 36